Radiation Safety is Our Business

About Us

Entering its twentieth year of operation, RadSafe is a mature, privately owned and operated Canadian company that specializes in radiation protection assessments and training, supporting both short-term and long-term projects. Established in 2001, RadSafe has provided radiation protection services to many of the country’s leading nuclear companies, allowing RadSafe to build a reputation as a reliable, responsible and professional organization capable of taking on leadership roles within the field of radiation protection.

Based in Pembroke, Ontario, RadSafe has completed work throughout the province of Ontario and other parts of Canada where radiation protection support is required. The company can provide both Canadian and foreign workers with extensive experience working within the nuclear field, including assignments at nuclear research and power generation facilities, waste remediation sites, hospitals, and universities. RadSafe has an exceptional safety record and management structure that supports its financial, human and project management requirements.

RadSafe’s corporate policies, including Health and Safety and Fit for Duty, demonstrate RadSafe’s commitment to the protection of its employees and the organizations that it provides support to in the undertaking of radiation protection work.

Employee satisfaction is a pillar of RadSafe’s approach to employee engagement. Through the creation of a positive work environment, RadSafe has built a loyal employee group, many of whom have been with the company for a significant duration of time. By retaining its workforce, RadSafe has been able to respond to new work projects with confidence that it can provide a group of highly qualified individuals who have experience working in various sites, often in unfavourable weather and working conditions, to fulfill its contractual obligations. The majority of RadSafe’s employees have extensive work experience within all aspects of radiation protection including the decommissioning and commissioning of nuclear facilities.

RadSafe is a community-minded organization that has made a commitment to advancing the field of radiation protection through its support of Algonquin College’s Applied Nuclear Science and Radiation Safety program at the Pembroke Campus. For more than a decade, RadSafe has supported students in the program by making available co-op placements, summer jobs and graduate employment. RadSafe has also established a bursary to help students in financial need and has had representation on the College’s program advisory committee.