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Licence Application Renewals

Whether you are in the Medical, Educational or Industrial fields, recent changes in legislation from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC) have increased the requirements and paperwork for either a first-time applicant or for users applying for a renewal of the their existing license.  RadSafe Canada, Ltd. has extensive experience in completing license applications to help speed the process for you to receive your license.  Let us accurately and quickly prepare your application to help minimize the impact of the new changes.  A comprehensive Radiation Protection Program is an essential component required to ensure the prompt processing of your application.  This saves you time, energy and money as your application form will not be sent back time and again for additional information.  We do it right the first time or we fix it at our own cost.

The Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission was previously known as the Atomic Energy Control Board.  The Nuclear Safety and Control Act was enacted into law on May 31, 2000, the first update to the legislation in forty years.  The AECB was replaced by the CNSC.  The CNSC was given broad powers to apply and enforce the new legislations. 

The CNSC has made the licensing process much more formalized and now ensures the each applicant has a Radiation Protection Program in place at their facility.  A Radiation Safety Officer is required to be appointed and properly trained and other individuals in the organization must attend training courses specific to their responsibilities.  RadSafe Canada, Ltd. delivers quality Radiation Protection Training Programs for all levels of users of Radioisotopes.  We can develop and deliver custom company specific training as well.