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Radsafe believes in providing our customers with the tools they require to manage their radiation protection needs.  We have compiled a set of tools to help you do just that.

SI Units for Radiation Protection

Radiation Dose

The working SI units is the sievert (SV) (dose equivalent)
1Sv = 100rem
1rem = 0.01Sv = 10mSv

Rad Dose

Conversion between grays (absorbed dose) and rads is the same as between sieverts and rems, ie:
1 gray (Gy) = 100 rad = 100 roentgen

Additional Conversions
7.5µSv/hr = 0.75mrem/hr
2mSv/hr = 200mrem/hr
30mSv = 3rem
500m|Sv = 50rem

Transport Index
Transport Index (TI) =
radiation dose in
at 1 metre from package surface

SI Units for Radiology

The SI units is the becquerel (Bq)
1Bq = 1 disintegration per second = 2.7 x 1011 curie (Ci)
1Ci = 3.7 x 1010  Bq = 37Bq

SI Units

Other Useful Conversions

20 MBq = 0.54mCi
50MBq = 1.35mCi
200MBq = 5.41mCi
5GBq = 135mCi
10GBq = 270mCi
2mCi = 74MBq
5mCi = 185MBq
10mCi = 370MBq
50mCi = 1.85GBq
250mCi = 9.25GBq

Common Prefixes for SI Units

103 milli m
106 micro µ
109 nano n
1012 pico p

103 kilo k
106 mega M
109 giga G
1012 tera T



  • Printable SI Units for Radiation Protection and Radiology